In China Experiencing Virtual Death is the New Reality

Is the new reality, living a virtual death?


April 4, 2018, 4:30 PM

Content Contributed By - Edward Szall

A famous cemetery in China has launched a virtual reality project which allows participants to experience their own death.

During a recent public open house, the Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery in Beijing encouraged the public to try out two separate simulations with VR goggles, one which allows a user to experience a fatal seizure, and the other to take a five-minute tour of the funeral home and its various amenities.

In the death experience, a user sees through the eyes of a man experiencing a seizure in the workplace and is given a front seat view to a failed attempt by paramedics to rescue the victim, including the moment their heart stops.

The VR experience also includes a simulated "final farewell" to relatives from what is depicted as the afterlife, and a flashback through the most memorable events of his life.

One employee of the facility told Beijing News that "the immersive experience is aimed at helping people cherish the beauty of life," but a local resident at the event told the Global Times they were not interested in trying it out because they found the VR simulation to be "weird."

News of the event reportedly went viral on the Chinese microblogging platform Sina Weibo, with one user posting "All criminals should have a taste of this to enable them to understand the meaning of life."

The Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery is no stranger to the integration of technology in their mortuary services, recently also providing the service of 3D printed facial reconstruction, to restore the faces of people who died in a manner which mutilated their appearance.

Though none of us other than Our Lord Jesus Christ will ever truly experience death and return to tell the story, VR technology has clearly opened the door for a niche market of fake experiences, which some may prefer to that found in the real world.